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The Production Process

Worried about the long, drawn out process of having video? In fact, creating video content for your business or organisation couldn't be easier! Here's how we do it -

1. Enquiry - You get in touch and tell us what you're looking for. Together we will produce a brief from which, we will quote you an estimated fee.

2. Planning - We start planning your production by booking filming dates, locations, props, costumes, casting etc.

3. Action! - Filming begins. We arrive half an hour early to set up ready to shoot.

4. Post-Production - We'll piece together your video with music, graphics and a colour grade and send to you in just a couple of days for approval.

5. Delivery - If you're happy with the initial edit, the video will be made available to download straight away. If there are any amendments, they'll be made and we'll then send you the final edit.

To discuss the your video ideas, call us on 02920 668911 or email

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