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Video Ideas for Business

In recent years, online video has become an important tool, not only in terms of building brand awareness, but also in building a strong relationship with customers. Web videos convey a brand message in a way that outperform images and text and with the average web user leaving a site after just a few seconds, video has proved to be a great way of engaging visitors and drastically reducing the 'bounce rate'.

Websites with video content rank far higher in search engine results than websites without and by uploading your video to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, you'll be able to secure a far higher Google ranking, therefore increasing traffic to your website.

Below are just some of the ways you can utilise video content for your business/organisation.

1. Promo (Viral) Videos - A promotional video is a great way to catch the eye of potential new clients or to increase brand awareness and if a promo goes viral, it can be extremely effective. Viral videos often consist of creative, funny or innovative content. Promoted well through social media, viral videos are very cost effective, as once it's released the video can be shared and forwarded through other web users. Viral videos also offer instant feedback through web analytics through view counts, likes and comments, allowing advertisers the chance to alter their marketing strategy and increase the effectiveness.

2. Testimonials - Videos of happy customers are a great way of showing that your company/organisation delivers a standard of work that is professional and reliable. Video testimonials are also far more engaging and believable than a paragraph of text as viewers can note the tone of voice and the body language of the person on screen. By watching the opinion of a satisfied customer, viewers are more trustful of your brand and are more likely to become customers themselves.

3. Video Blogs (Vlogs) - Video blogs are an simple way of creating an easy going feel to your business. By make a few short presentations to camera, you are creating an informal but effective way of making a connection with viewers and showing them an honest, likeable and more 'human' feel to the brand.

4. Instructional Videos - By producing videos that help your customers by informing them about your products/services, customers' trust will increase. Creating a series of videos, you'll see and increase in brand awareness by building your credibility as a trusted source each time you post new content and by building up long term relationships with your viewers. By creating a long term relationship, you'll see an increase in web traffic thus improving sale figures and brand awareness.

Online video is a fantastic way to engage customers for a longer period of time than text and images, therefore increasing brand awareness and sales figures. With so many ways of using video within an advertising campaign, the big decision is not whether to have video content, but which style will work best for your business or organisation.

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