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We were approached by the marketing department at the National Museum of Wales to produce video and photography content to promote a new exhibition called Treasures - Adventures in Archeology. The exhibition was to be the first in a number of years with an admission fee which meant the museum wanted to promote it as much as possible. The logo and other graphic materials produced for the exhibition were heavily influenced by the Indiana Jones font type, colour etc and the exhibition itself included original film posters, a crystal skull and the jacket, fedora and whip worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films. 

With this Indiana Jones influence and with the museum's target audience being young children and families, we came up with the idea of a young explorer being the focus of both the photographs and video work. 

Below are a selection of photographs and the video produced for the exhibition. 

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We caught up the Catrin Taylor from the National Museum Wales marketing department to ask her about her experience of working with us.

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